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RRDL Series - 1P2T High Power RF Coaxial Relay

RelComm Technologies compliments its product line by offering a high power handling, high performance 1P2T relay configured with ‘N’ type connectors and RF performance to 1 GHz. Power rating is 1200 W continuous over the operating temperature range of -25°C - +70°C. The relay measures 2.50 wide x 1.00 thick and is less than 2.3” tall. It is fitted with side launched solder terminals for ease of wire up installation and is fully RoHS compliant. The relay is configured as a failsafe type complimented with auxiliary position indicators and 28 volt dc operation.



RelComm Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures Design Enhanced Application Specific Coaxial Relay Products for commercial telecommunications infrastructure, militay communications, and test instrumentation.  

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