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January 2014
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A1 Microwave Ltd., is a leading UK designer and manufacturer of waveguide and coaxial filters, diplexers and waveguide assemblies for satcoms, radars, instrumentation and fixed communications microwave links. A1 employs world-beating design and simulation software to produce "right first time" designs with optimum performance. Standard and custom-designed products are offered from 100MHz to 50GHz.

Multi-Function Assembles

To address the ever increasing demand to reduce size and weight, whilst ensuring that the technical performance is optimized A1 Microwave provides multi-function RF and Microwave assemblies. By using our brazing manufacturing techniques we can integrate a number of functions into a single compact integrated assembly to provide a unique mechanical outline package, to suit tight space requirements. For example the PB1599WA shown in the photograph is a Ku band output arm assembly used in satcom power amplifiers. This is an integrated waveguide assembly which includes forward and reverse power monitors and has an overall insertion loss of less than 0.15 dB. A section of flexible waveguide at the output takes care of tolerance corrections when mounted into the final amplifier assembly.

KU Band Transmit Arm

The PB1629WA is an ultra-compact waveguide output assembly for a Ku band satcom power amplifier. This assembly covers a passband of 13.75 to 14.5 GHz and includes a bandpass filter, a harmonic filter, a forward power monitor and flexible waveguide output section. This has an overall insertion loss of less than 0.4 dB. Custom versions or with different input/output locations are possible.

KA Band Filter Assembly

The PB1554WA is an integrated assembly which covers the passband 27.5 to 30 GHz. This includes a filter and a 40 dB monitoring coupler. The filter provides close in rejection on the low and high side to the passband. Rejection of over 40 dB is achieved from DC to 27 GHz and also from 30.5 to 40 GHz. Overall insertion loss is 1.0 dB. We can offer versions with different passbands or in other mechanical arrangements.


A1 Microwave has a number of designs for Magic Tee Combiners which provide low insertion loss. The photograph shows one of our X band parts from 8 to 11 GHz with an insertion loss of 0.2 dB maximum. These parts are manufactured using our brazed aluminium process for reduced weight. This part will handle 3KW peak and 600 W average RF power levels per input channel.


We understand the need for having filters, diplexers, couplers and adaptors readily available for immediate requirements. Therefore A1 Microwave has stocks of standard products within the major frequency bands of C, X, Ku and Ka bands which can be supplied very quickly. We can also add bends, twists, flexibles or straight pieces of waveguide to suit particular mechanical requirements on short delivery lead times.

Form, Fit and Function Replacements for Obsolete Parts

A1 Microwave provide many waveguide components to suit precise mechanical dimensions and shapes for individual customer requirements. Using the latest CNC machines and utilising our expertise of brazing of aluminium and copper brazed alloys, which allows complex components and sub-assemblies to be produced to exceptionally high standards.

We will also be pleased to supply form, fit and function replacements for any existing or obsolete waveguide sections or filters. We can work from detailed drawings or can measure up from any existing parts and reproduce rugged and reliable products or assemblies. We will also make suggestions which will provide cost savings to the manufacturing process if required.


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