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A1 Microwave is a leading designer and manufacturer of filters, diplexers, power combiners, couplers and adaptors for satcoms, telecoms, radar, medical and scientific applications.  

A1 Microwave also provides standard and custom waveguide components and assemblies including straights, bends, twists and flexibles.  

A1 Microwave is ITAR free and provides a FAST DELIVERY AND NO NRE (on standard designs) by using sophisticated in-house design and simulation software, all new designs are "right the first time" allowing the design to move from the design computer to the machine shop without the need for prototyping.  Stock filters available for immediate dispatch.

A1 Microwave has full in-house CNC machining, turning, brazing, hard and soft soldering and bending facilities.  


Ordering Information: Model PB1819WB-UB/KF-B-31150/300 Ka band Fixed Link Channel Filter

Designed for Fixed Link Radio applications for the rejection of adjacent channels

Center Frequency of example filter:  31.15 GHz, please specify center frequency on order

Bandwith of example filter:  300 MHz, please specify bandwidth on order

Center frequency insertion loss of example filter:  1.5 dB max

Passband return loss:  18 dB min

Rejection of example filter: CF +/- MHz, 30 dB min, this is dependent on passbandwidth

Interfaces on example filter:  UB = UBR320 and KF = K type female, please specify interfaces on order

Paint:  B = Black (see website for alternative connectors, flanges and paint codes)

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